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December 27, 2010 at 1:56 AM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 4 Comments
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Do you see that!!!??? That’s right. Real solid food and it is on MY plate. I got to eat food today people. Once the magnesium got itself out of my system I started to get HUNGRY and the nurses came in with a menu and said I can have FOOD now! It was just chicken noodle soup and a baked potato but I had to take it easy. I wasn’t too sure how my body would react to food after having that nasty magnesium but I didn’t get sick.

This morning after they took me off of the magnesium the doctor wanted to watch baby’s heart rate for 2 hours. After 3 hours I guess she wasn’t a huge fan of what she saw because she came in and said she wanted to watch us for another few. Eventually, baby got his bearings about him and straightened that

heart rate out which made the doctor happy. And when the Doctor is happy I get to stay pregnant so that’s good news.

I’m now officially OFF of the magnesium for good and that means I’m not being as heavily monitored as I have been these past 3 days. No more blood draws every 4 hours, no more constant fetal heart monitor, I still have my IV port but I’m not permanently attached. I’ll get a few doses of IV antibiotics for the next 5 days to continue to stave off infection. I sitll have my vitals and baby’s checked every 4 hours, temperature, blood pressure, abdomen for soreness, baby’s heart rate but more freedom. Oh and I’m now allowed to even walk to the bathroom.

More good news. I’m no longer in Labor and Delivery. They’ve moved me up to the High Risk Momma’s floor. So we have a new room, and new nurses–and It’s QUIET up here. Woo hoo for more sleep! At first they had me in a shared room with no roomie. But because it was shared it meant Kayvan had to leave me at 10 tonight and sleep at home. Not exactly something he was too thrilled about but rules are rules. The second the nurses told him that, I saw the worry all over his face–again.

Trust me, I get it. I’m feeling it too. No more constant monitoring after three whole days anxiously watching baby on pins and needles and now all of a sudden we’re off to a new floor with new people and LESS monitoring AND now they are making him go home and leave me. I get the “but what if something happens while I’m asleep at home” thought but the boy needs to take a break from this hospital place. I don’t want him to go but it’s good for his sanity and I’ll be fine for a night. I’m heavily monitored here. He lucked out though. Millie, Emmilie and Margaret stopped by today and brought Jonas along. The boys went out for some pizza and a beer and when Kayvan came back, SURPRISE, they moved me to a private room and that means he’s sitting next to me right now as I type and will be when I wake up in the morning. Not gonna lie, that makes me pretty happy.

By the way, tomorrow is a big day! Baby will be at 24 weeks gestation. A much safer milestone should they end up having to deliver him. That’s not going to happen though. This kid has to stay in a while longer.



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  1. Woohoo!!! Yay for moving to a new floor – means you and baby are doing well! Yay for a private room -because I could tell that you and Kayvan were upset that he would have to leave. But it all worked out in the end… and it also means that I can visit at all hours… bwahahahaha. 🙂 Just let me know when you get tired of me.

    • Woohoo indeed. Thanks for your help moving my crap!

  2. Great news all around! Hang in there Baby R!!!

    • We’re hanging! Sookie told us to because she wants to make sure she gets to play with Chunk after the 3rd and if we come home before then she knows she won’t be coming over to play!

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