Day 5: It Seems Mornings are Rough!

December 27, 2010 at 6:30 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 10 Comments
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All in all we got a decent night’s sleep on the new floor. We started to stream “The Girl Who Played with Fire” last night using the crappy WIFI they have here and that didn’t work out so well at first. I knew that once we got it playing I would zonk out. Which I did. I think I made it 10 minutes into the movie. Oh well, something to look forward to tonight. The nurses came in at midnight and 4 a.m. to bug me for vitals, temperature, baby’s heart rate, etc. but other than that I slept well. I was STARVING again by 5 a.m. but forced myself back to sleep. Eventually I got to order breakfast.

Then the doctors got to work for the day and before I could eat my food we did a bit more monitoring of baby. You see, there is pretty much no amniotic fluid left for him so we are really worried about umbilical cord compression. He had a few dips in heart rate this morning that the doctors didn’t like. So they strapped me back up to the monitors for a few hours and told me no breakfast until kiddo

straightens himself out. Too bad my food was in my room staring me in the face, huh? Baby didn’t hear the doctors I guess because the monitoring continued throughout the morning with me starving all the while. I haven’t had an ultrasound to measure the amniotic fluid since the 23rd so the doctors figured, what the heck and shoved me in the sono room for a bit to see what we are working with. The cord isn’t wrapped around his neck so that is good but that doesn’t mean he can’t lean on it here and there. Once we had this bit of information it was back to bed with the monitors and eventually little bits straightened his stuff out. Doctors are happy with the heart rate at last we saw it and I got to order food and eat. I’ve wanted breakfast for the past few days. So despite the fact that it was lunch time I ordered breakfast again and OHMYGOSH it was so good! Bagel, rice krispie cereal, bacon and a banana. I’m a slow eater by nature but I ate faster than Kayvan could finish his shower.

It seems that life goes on outside of this hospital bed and now that the holidays are over I also made a few phone calls to check in at work. Kayvan is sorting out all of the HR stuff he can for me and since insurance switches over from my work insurance to his on 1/1 he called Blue Cross Blue Shield to make sure that we will still have health insurance coverage–which we are told we will.

I also had to sign off on delivery consent forms today just to make sure all of the paperwork is tied up should they end up having to deliver today–or tomorrow–or in an emergency situation none the less. I told you–mornings are rough. Baby had doctors slightly worried this morning. BUT we’re going to make sure we don’t go through any of that quite yet.

Since today is day 5 my good ole buddy IV port had to come out. Woohoo! But not so fast. I’m still on antibiotics every few hours so that means I had to get a new one. These poor nurses really do seem to feel bad about having to poke me with these things. Would you believe that my vein BENT the IV needle on the first try? I didn’t until she took the thing out of my arm and I saw the bent metal. Not gonna lie, that one stung a bit. After that, my nurse went off to find someone else to poke at me. She just refused to do it again. Poor thing. We got it in on the second try and it wasn’t that bad.

Hopefully today will continue to be boring and I won’t have much else to share tonight.



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  1. Hello!!
    I’m from the april board! Hope all is well!! Were pulling for your lo!!! Glad you finally got to eat and the Los heartbeat is better!!! Keep us all updated!!

  2. Sorry this morning was so rough. Glad I got to talk to you today – sad I didn’t get to see you and Kayvan though. Hope the rest of the day gets better and that you’ll be able to eat dinner tonight. Love, hugs and kisses!

  3. Just wanted to read and get an update on today! Your last room was so thoughtfully decorated with purple Christmas decorations on a cute tree. It sounds like the new room is even nicer! Glad to see that Kayvan got to sleep at home last night. I will stop in soon to see you again Jamie! xoxo. – Janelle

  4. The April2011 mommies are all sending you their hopes and prayers for a safe delivery!

    • Thank you so much! You ladies are quite awesome. 🙂

  5. Thanks for keeping us updated. Glad you got to eat some Breakfast today. I hope to come by soon to see you guys. Hope the rest of the day is uneventful!

    • Thanks Kate! Today is thankfully pretty boring so far. So thankful for the internet. We will be here long enough so no need to hurry in! 🙂 We miss you guys. Give little miss hugs for me.

  6. And don’t forget, you got a wonderful visit from Heather and Kayvan’s momma brought you delicious food from the OUTSIDE! Woo-hoo! 😉

    I’m so glad you have great inner-strength and great support system, it was a pleasure to see you in high spirits, but I’ll continue to send happy thoughts and well-wishes your way! 😀

    • Oh don’t you worry, I didn’t forget that amazing outside food!! Thanks for stopping by it was so good to see you. Tell that puppy of yours no more biting faces!

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