Two Days Down

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…and LOTS more to go!

If you’ve done the math, you will notice that day two fell on Christmas Eve. On day one I was so incredibly bummed to realize I would be spending Christmas Eve in the hospital. Actually, once I decided that baby is going to be 100% okay with all of the care he is receiving I was more bummed about missing all of the holiday festivities.

Turns out I didn’t need to be. I have SUCH an amazing support system. You guys are all so wonderful. Kayvan has been absolutely incredible. Dad came up and so did Kayvan’s mom, we couldn’t keep them away. Knowing Millie was working from home that day, I also asked Kayvan to call her so he would have some relief to actually pack a hospital bag and prepare for the road ahead the next few weeks (hopefully months).

On day two my awesome big little brother and sister-in-law to be came to visit and brought the beginnings of Christmas along with them. A little tree, stockings and some lights. Now, I have had a pretty positive outlook on all of this but having Christmas decorations in my room really perked me up. Turns out I wasn’t the only one. The doctors and nurses LOVED it as well. One by one all of the Labor and Delivery nurses started to pop their heads into my room to see the decorations and introduce themselves if they hadn’t worked with me yet.

Linda and Millie stopped by to keep me company for a bit as well. I knew Millie was coming but it was so nice to see Linda too! While they were here, Kayvan ran home to relieve his mom from Sookie duty for a bit and while he was there he grabbed ornaments for the tree that Jeremy and Kelly brought, a top hat for a star and all of the gifts from under our tree that we bought for everyone. I get Christmas after all!!!

My brother Drew also stopped by with some TV shows for us which I can’t wait to see now that the pesky double vision seems to be at bay. Kayvan’s cousin, Cyrus popped in for a bit to say hi, grab some grub with Kayvan and chatted with us for a bit.

I made some chocolate covered goodies that I fully intended to give to coworkers for Christmas. But since I missed that day of work and landed in the hospital instead I asked Kayvan to bring those in for the doctors and nurses. They were all so thrilled to receive our treats. I loved to see the smiles on their faces when Kayvan passed them out one by one. It’s not exactly a blast to be in the hospital over the holidays. I’m guessing that the feeling about WORKING in the hospital during the holidays must be similar as well.

As I mention goodies, I realize I haven’t talked at all about my new diet. Ice chips. That’s all I have been allowed to eat but this morning I did manage to talk the doctor into letting me have a Popsicle as well. Yum! It’s the little things these days!


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